13 Most Common Texas Traffic Violations And Traffic Tickets in Texas

Texas Traffic Violations And The Texas Traffic Tickets

You will surely agree with me on this point that violating traffic rules in texas and paying texas traffic tickets is such a big headache.

Many of us violate the Traffic Rules in Texas even without wanting to. However, we have no intention of breaking any rules. All this happens mistakenly, many times.

But the traffic authority has nothing to do with it. Rules are equal for everybody as they should be.


But it also cannot be denied that our heart literally gets crushed when our hard-earned money gets poured into the Texas Traffic Tickets.

So what can be the solution for this now?

The solution is literally in front of your eyes! You are looking at it, right now! Yes! This article.

I have said many times in my various articles on this blog that having less knowledge of anything related to road and transport services can cause big trouble for you.

So, in this article, I will thoroughly educate you about the most common Texas Driving Violations, which all result in heavy fines in the form of Texas Traffic Tickets.

So are you ready to learn all this? After reading this article, there will be no Texas Traffic Violations Ticket on your Driving Record. That’s my promise.

So let’s start.

Texas Traffic Violations List

  1. Driving without a License
  2. Driving under an Influence
  3. Changing the lane when it is unsafe
  4. Speeding a vehicle
  5. Violation of the Traffic Signs
  6. Driving without having an Insurance
  7. Carrying an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle
  8. Ignoring the police and traffic authorities
  9. Driving on the Sidewalk
  10. Reckless Driving
  11. Renting a Vehicle to an unlicensed Individual
  12. Overtaking a vehicle in an unsafe manner
  13. Defective lights, signal indicators, and mirrors

Let’s dig into these violations.

1. Driving without a License

Driving without a License in Texas

Not having a Proper Drivers License In Texas is one of the common crimes that so many people commit every year.

In Texas, anybody caught driving without a valid license for the first time can pay a fine of up to $200 or more.

And if someone breaks this law for the second time in a year, then he will have to pay a higher fine this time.

Other Driving License Violations and Traffic Tickets in Texas

No.Traffic Violations in TexasFine/Traffic Ticket
1.Having an Expired Driving License$200 or more
2.Not having a Motorcycle Drivers License$197 to $250 or more
3.Having an incorrect Driving Vehicle$250 to $500 or more
4.Having a Revoked, or Cancelled Drivers License$500 to $750 or more
5.Using an Illegal DL or ID$2000 or Jail up to 180 days

2. Driving under an Influence


This is one of the major reasons why people tend to pay huge fines to the texas traffic violations authorities.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only puts your life at risk but also the lives of others.

If you are ever found to be driving while consuming alcoholic beverages or any other illegal dry substance, you may be required to pay a traffic ticket of $1000 to $2000 or be sentenced to 180 days.

3. Changing the lane when it is unsafe

Texas Lane Changing

Driving in a rush and changing lanes without caring about the other drivers is nothing but immature, and irresponsible behavior.

You have to understand that, changing the lane rapidly can cause a huge accident on the road or highways. So always beware of violating this rule.

The fine for violating this law will cause you to pay $200 or more.

4. Speeding a vehicle

Speeding a Vehicle in Texas

I am sure you must have violates this traffic law at least for one time in your life.

No? come on! everybody does that!

Well, if you don’t like to speed your vehicle, you are a very responsible citizen of Texas state.

Because speeding a vehicle is not just a crime, but it also throws your life in danger.

Speeding Ticket In Texas is vary according to the different locations. But I would say roughly, you must pay at least $350 to $500 for it.

5. Violation of the Traffic Signs


There are countless traffic signs is being shown on the side of every road in Texas, and people still ignore them.

I would like to tell you that, ignoring a traffic sign is a serious offense.

If you are ever found disobeying traffic signs, or symbols, you may have to pay at least $250 or more.

So, please always keep your eyes on these symbols while driving.

6. Driving without having an Insurance

Driving without having Insurance in Texas

If you plan to drive without having Proper Vehicle Insurance, you are inviting huge trouble for yourself.

Because in Texas, it is compulsory to have active Vehicle Insurance.

The fine for Driving without having valid Insurance, you may have to pay the Texas Traffic Violations Ticket of $175 to $350.

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7. Carrying an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you plan a party at your home and plan to carry an extreme amount of alcoholic beverages container in your vehicle, there is no way you can save yourself from being penalized.

The Texas authority has set limits on these kinds of offenses.

You may have to pay a fine of $500 in texas for violating this rule.

Please educate yourself on Texas Laws on Carrying Alcohol.

8. Ignoring the police and traffic authorities


In Texas, there are a lot of people who think they are so cool that they can do anything on the roads and highways, and nothing can happen to them.

They try to ignore the Texas Police Department as well as traffic officers to look cool dude and end up in a dire situation.

If you are suffering from this kind of mindset, you should think about this, immediately.

You may have to pay a minimum amount of $500 or more, for ignoring the authorities.

9. Driving on the Sidewalk


You already know that sidewalks are made only for pedestrians. And if someone tries to drive on the sidewalk, you tell me how he deserves not to be punished?

Yes, driving on the sidewalk can be a serious inconvenience for pedestrians. There may even be senior citizens or children on the sidewalk.

So be careful about this!

If you try to break this rule, you may end up paying $500 to $700 as a Texas Traffic Fine.

10. Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving: Texas Traffic Violations

Again, this is the most common driving mistake done by the citizens in Texas.

People love speed, People love racing and stuff! But on the busy roads, that’s not a good idea.

The Texas Traffic Authorities keep a close eye on such drivers, who continue to do reckless driving.

Reckless Drivers can attract a fine of up to $250 to $350. So please be aware of this type of offense.

11. Renting a Vehicle to an unlicensed Individual

Illegal Renting: Texas Traffic Violations

Now, sometimes, it happens that people like to earn money in a little illegal way. And each time they try to find a new way to do it.

This is a new way! Just rent your vehicle.

Now, renting a vehicle is not a crime. But renting out your vehicle to a person who does not have a valid driving license is definitely a crime.

The Texas Traffic Ticket for this offense is— A Fine of up to $750 to $1000.

12. Overtaking a vehicle in an unsafe manner

Overtaking a Vehicle: Texas Traffic Violations

If you have an active habit of overtaking a vehicle, you should take note that overtaking in prohibited areas can attract a huge fine for you.

You should have responsibility for yourself as well as others.

Think about it, if some other driver is allowing you to overtake, there must be some reason. And if you will desperately try to overtake, both of you will meet the hazard.

Plus, you will get Traffic Ticket also. you may have to pay $500 to $1000.

13. Defective lights, signal indicators, and mirrors


Tell the honestly! Did you know before that by having defective lighting and signal lamps on your vehicle, you can attract Texas Traffic Tickets?

It is true!

Therefore, before hitting the road, always check your headlights, and signal indicators (both right and left). And also check whether the mirrors/reflectors of your vehicle are working correctly or not.

If they are not, you should repair them first. Otherwise, if found, you will be liable to pay the traffic fine of $250 to $500.

So these were the Texas Traffic Violations List that every driver should know to avoid the Texas Traffic Tickets.

More Info About Texas Traffic Violations

Now, I would like to clear a doubt many people have in their mind release to this topic.

Fines For Traffic Violations In Texas

Well, the number of traffic offenses that are done by the people of Texas on a daily basis is countless.

And you have to understand that traffic tickets are divided by different traffic laws. So if you violate any rule then you will get a traffic ticket according to that specific traffic law.

They have divided all traffic violations in Texas and their files category-wise. See the list below.

  1. Drivers License Violations
  2. Insurance, and other Documents Violations
  3. Car and Bicycle Violations
  4. Highways And Road Violations
  5. Following and Overtaking Violations
  6. Motor Car And Motorcycle Violation
  7. Parking Violations
  8. Miscellaneous Violations
  9. Pedestrians and Sidewalk Violations
  10. Traffic Signals And Traffic Boards Violations
  11. Speeding Violations
  12. And many others.

Note: The fines for traffic violations in texas may vary place by place.

FAQs For Texas Driving Violations

1. Is a DUI a Traffic Violation in Texas?

Answer: Yes, DUI (Driving Under the Influence) of any alcohol or drugs is a serious offense in Texas.

2. Is a DWI a Traffic Violation in Texas?

Answer: Yes, DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is a Crime in Texas. and it may attract a huge fine, and a sentence to Jail.

3. How Do I Lookup a Traffic Ticket In Texas?

Answer: You can find it on your Drivers Record. simply order your Record. Or for more help, you can call on this official number: 512-424-2600.

4. What are the two types of traffic violations in Texas?

Answer: Well, they call it Major and Minor. But the fines for these two do not have any major difference.

5. What are the most common traffic violations in Texas?

Answer: 1) Driving Without a License, 2) Speeding, 3) DUI, 4) DWI, 5) No Parking Offense. These are the most common Driving violations in Texas

Conclusion: Traffic Violations In Texas

So, this was the article where I tried to share some very common Texas Traffic Violations that most people continuously do knowingly or unknowingly.

My main agenda behind writing this article is to educate you about these violations. so that none of you can break any laws of texas.

I tried to tell everything in this article including texas speeding fines and other fines.

But if you still feel I should have added something more about this topic in this article, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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13 Most Common Texas Traffic Violations And Traffic Tickets in Texas

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