[Click Now] How To Get A New Texas Drivers License in 2022?

Get A New Texas Drivers License In America

Texas is one of the most famous and beautiful states in the United States Of America. And the same way the roads and the transport system of texas state are very interesting.

Many people have so many Trucks, Motorcycles, and Cars, and WHATNOT? The people of Texas love to drive.


But do you know one thing that thousands of people get penalized by the authority for not having a Driving License In Texas?

Would you believe that? People have vehicles, but they do not want to get a new driving license in Texas.

Why is that?

Well, there can be multiple reasons behind that. Firstly, most people think that…

“Oh God! getting a new texas drivers license is such a headache! Who has the time to go to the DMV center and waste so much time? I’ll do it later sometime!”

And some people would say,

Hey, I have time to visit the DMV center, but I don’t know the complete process of getting a texas DMV drivers license.”

Some people say this, some people say that!

Now, If you think like this too, and you also don’t really know how to apply for a driving license in Texas, it’s not your mistake!

The correct information about the driving license of Texas state is rarely available on the internet.

I have some companions who live in Texas state. most of them possess valid driving licenses.

So I talked to them about this topic and gathered some wisdom from their experiences and I have also read all the related articles from the governmental websites of the Texas DMV.

So, do not worry! Here in this article. I will tell you everything you need to know about the driving permit. I will also share all information about the Texas driver’s license requirements.

Read this complete article, and get a new texas drivers license right away to save yourself from being penalized.

Types Of Driving Licenses in Texas


In Texas, you will find several types of driver’s licenses, depending on which type of vehicle you are willing to drive. It’s all connected to the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)


Let me explain it more comprehensively!

CLASS A License in Texas

Class A license in Texas is given to those people who want to drive a vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more. The trailer towing is allowed to 10000 pounds or more. apply for a CLASS A drivers license in Texas.

CLASS B License in Texas

Class A license in Texas is given to those people who want to drive a vehicle with a GVWR of fewer than 26,001 pounds. and the trailer towing also should not exceed the limit of 10000 pounds. apply for a CLASS B drivers license in Texas.

CLASS C License in Texas

Class A license in Texas is given to those people who want to drive a vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more. If you have this type of vehicle, you can apply for a CLASS C drivers license in Texas.

CLASS M License in Texas

Class M license in texas is given to those people who have any kind of motorcycle or a MOPED. If you have a bike, you can apply for a class M driving license in texas.

Learners License Texas


Having A Learner License In Texas

Before, getting a Driving License in Texas, you should have this information that you will have to get a learning license first.

Now, why is that?

It’s because when you possess a learning license, you allow yourself to practice driving the vehicle you want.

However, you will need to take a guidance of a pillion who should already have a valid driving license, and his or her age should be 21 or more according to the rules.

Age Factor For Learning License in Texas

Now, you need to understand that there is a most important thing when we talk about the learner permit in Texas.

And that is–AGE.

Yes, your age decides which license you are eligible for. If you are under 18 you will have to hold only a learning license. Once you turn 18, you can easily apply for a permanent driver’s permit in Texas.

As simple as that. No confusion, No Nothing.

New Texas Drivers License Requirements

So, before getting a texas drivers license, we need to talk about some stuff that means quite a bit to be aware of. You know that there are some criteria to get a driver’s permit.

Allow me to put some light on this topic!

Documents For Driving License In Texas

Before, applying for a driving permit, you must collect some of your documents. Here is the list.

  • Texas Residency Proof
  • United States Citizenship Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Vehicle Registration Proof
  • Social Security Number
  • Insurance Proof
  • Photographs (If Needed)

Let me tell you some more about these documents.

1) Texas Residency Proof: For this, you can take any of the following documents.

(Unexpired Voter ID, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill, Mortgage Statement, Service Card, Or any other Document which shows legit NAME, ADDRESS.)

*Read from the Authorized Source: Click Here

2) The United States Citizenship Proof: For this, you can take any of the following documents.

(Birth Certificate issued by SBVS, Valid Passport or a Passport Card, Certificate of Naturalization with the original photo, etc)

*Read from the Authorized Source: Click Here

3) Identity Proof: For this, you can take any of the following documents.

(Employee Identity Card, Unexpired Voter ID, Marriage License, Permanent Resident Card, Travel Documents.)

*Read from the Authorized Source: Click Here

4) Vehicle Registration Proof: Proof of Texas Vehicle Registration for the vehicle you currently possess. Remember, your registration must be existing.

And no photocopies or laminated documents will be accepted.

5) Insurance Proof: You should have the original copy of your Unexpired Vehicle’s Insurance. If you don’t have any active Insurance policy for your vehicle, you must get a new policy.

6) Social Security Number: For this, you can take any of these documents.

(Social Security Card, SSA-1099 Form, Paystub with the applicant’s name and SSN, Or a College/University Certificate.)

*Read from the Authorized Source: Click Here

The ITD (Impact Texas Driving) Program

Now, what is this? This is one of the Texas driver’s license requirements that everyone must complete.

It is a program to generally educate the people about Road Transport Safety and Regulations.

As I said earlier, Road fatalities are the most common thing if someone does not have knowledge about AUTOMOBILE CRASHES.

Distracted Driving is a term mostly used in not only Texas but all over America.

So, to make people aware of these hazardous situations, they introduced a program named Impact Texas Drivers Program.

Therefore, it has been made mandatory for any person who is willing to get a driving license, to complete this program.

So the bottom line is that you must complete this ITD program to pass your Driving Skill Test in Texas and get a New Driver’s Permit.

Driver Education Course For New Texas Drivers License

Yes, you have read it right! you also have to complete this Safety Education Course to get a new DL in Texas.

This course will teach, how you can, and should actually drive a vehicle on the road of Texas state. It will educate about the following topics.

  • Seat Belts
  • Helmets
  • Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Rules
  • Speed Regulations
  • Fines/Penalties
  • Insurance Covers
  • Road Markings
  • Crash Prevention
  • And More…

These things are very crucial to keep in mind. Because, when we drive, it is our responsibility to make sure that the other drivers and the pedestrians are also safe.

We have to make sure that we are not causing any hazards to the other citizens, and that we properly know how to drive any vehicle.

That is the reason why you have to complete this 6 hours course.

I would also say that this course is only for those people, who are between 18-24.

If you fall under these ages, you must complete the course.

I know some of you people would think,

“I told you, it’s not that easy to get a new driving license in texas. we have to do a lot of things to obtain the license.”

But trust me guys, this course is not only significant for your safety, but it will also help you to value other people’s life.

So, The bottom line is, You have to complete the Driver Safety Educational Course before applying for a driving licence in Texas.

I hope you understand this : )

We just talked about the Texas DL Requirements. Now, Let’s move to the next section.

Online Driving License In Texas

Many people ask me on my social media, is that a way I can apply for a new texas driving license sitting in my home?

And I always tell them that there is no way that you can get a driver’s permit online, but you have some other options related to driver’s license services.

Yes, currently there is no online method that can help you get your license, but there are other things you can do very easily.

Driving License Services in Texas

Do you want to know about those services? Check the following list.

  • Renewal of Driving License, CDL, ID
  • Change of Address
  • Tracking your Driver’s License
  • Make An Appointment
  • Check your Driver’s Extract
  • ETC

CLICK HERE to read more about the OnlineTexas Driver’s License Services.

Texas DMV Drivers License Complete Process

Now, this is the section that you need to read carefully. Because here I am going to tell you about the process of getting a driving licence in Texas.

The process will be in a step-by-step manner. So don’t worry about that.


How To Apply For New Texas Drivers License?

  1. Fill out your New Texas Drivers License Application.– Click Here
  2. Book an Appointment at your Driving License Office.– Click Here Search Your DL Office.
  3. Visit your Driving License Office.
  4. Head to the Dedicated window, with all of your documents such as,
    • US Citizenship Proof
    • Identity Proof
    • Completed DL Application
    • Residency Proof
    • Your Social Security Number
  5. Now, recheck all documents and then Submit them to the Authorative Person at the window.
  6. They will take your photo. so co-operate with them. (This photo will be available on your driving license.)
  7. Now, let them take your Thumb Prints and your Signature. (These will be linked to your DL)
  8. Now, wait for some moments, and finally, PAY YOUR FEES.
  9. Take a vision test. (It will be just a casual eye checkup)
  10. At this stage, you have to pass your simple knowledge and driving test. This test will be conducted by the Driving License Office itself. You will just have to pass your test successfully!
  11. If you pass all of this stuff, you will get your Temporary/Learner Driving License immediately.
  12. Recheck all your details on the Texas Learning License, and if you find any mistakes, do not hesitate to inform the Driving License Officer.
  13. Finally, you can leave Driving License Office now.
  14. Wait for 2-3 weeks, and you will receive your Original Driving License to your MAILBOX.
  15. Process Finished!!

Now I know you still surely have some doubts about this. Don’t worry! I said I will try to cover almost all things in this article.

Let’s talk about them!

Important things to know about Texas Driving License

1) When you apply for a driver’s licence in Texas, you will be asked which type of driving license you are trying to get. So you must mention the correct Driving License Class on the application form.

2) When you are about to take your Driving Skill Test for a TRUCK or a CAR at the Driving License Center, do not do the mistake of not wearing a seatbelt. This is the most common mistake that people do.

3) When you are taking your Driving Skill Test for a BIKE or a MOPED, do not the mistake of not wearing a helmet. This is not a common mistake, but some people are prone to do these mistakes.

4) While Paying the DRIVING LICENSE FEES, don’t forget to reconfirm the amount that you are paying for DRIVING LICENSE.

5) Always remember that you will need only original documents to verify at the Driving License Center. They will not accept Photocopies.

Now let’s have some FAQ fun!

FAQ For New Texas Driving License


1. What Happens If I’m Driving Without a License in Texas?

Ans: Well, this is not a good idea! If you are found driving without holding a valid driving license, you will be liable to pay a huge fine, or they can get you in custody for violating the rules.

2. Is it necessary to complete the Driver Education Course for a Driving License in Texas?

Ans: It’s not just necessary, but it is mandatory for adult drivers in Texas city. As I said above in this article, this course is going to help you to understand the transport system better.

3. How do I study for my driving test in Texas?

Ans: Oh you want to study! here is a Handbook for the Driving License Skill Test. Once you study this Handbook, you will definitely pass your driving license skill test in Texas.

4. Can I walk in to get a Texas drivers license?

Ans: Yes, you can get a Texas driver’s license by walking in the Driving Center. But it will take a bit of extra time and effort.

Final Words About New Texas Drivers License

That’s it! I have tried to talk about everything related to the New Texas Drivers License. We talked about the Texas DL Requirements, Online Driver’s Licence in Texas, Types Of Driving Licenses, and the Learning License as well.

If you still feel that there is something that I should have added to this article, please let me know in the comment box below.

Do you have any questions or doubts about this topic? please feel free to contact me or connect with me on my social media.

If you liked this article, please take a minute to share it on your social media. It will surely make my day : )

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