[ID CARD] How To Get Driving License In California 2022?

How To Get Driving License In California?

These days, It’s not easy to find the correct information about any specific topic you want on the whole Internet.

I assume you were looking for How To Get a Driver’s Permit in California or ID Card, yet have not gotten any good answer.

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Because in this article, I will share from start to finish the method of Driving Licenses in California. I will discuss the offline method as well as the online method of getting a driving license.

I will likewise let you know how you can get a learning permit first. Thus, to know the full process of getting a driver permit in California, give me 5-10 minutes and I will make sense of everything in this article.

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How To Get Driving License In California

How To Get Driving License In California

Now, before we begin, you guys need to understand that there is no shortcut when we talk about driving licenses in America.

You must also go through the offline procedure in the DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicles) to legally hold a driving license.

Firstly, let me tell you a few things which are vital to know prior to getting a driving permit in the United States.

So, there are some stages that you want to go through to apply for a driving license.

The rules for a non-US resident might be marginally unique contrasted with the individuals who are US residents from birth.

Now let me show you the online procedure.

How To Get A Driving License In California?

America has a very systemized method to get a driving license. DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicles) has made it a simple approach to apply for a driving license.

They made a lot of sites for your convenience. Each state has its own devoted site. For California, you need to visit the site named DMV California.

It is accessible at: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/

Here, we will be specifically talking about California state. Now, carefully check out the below section.

How To Get A Driver’s Permit In California Online

  1. Visit the dmv.ca.gov portal.
  2. Click On Driver’s License/ID Card Button.
  3. Start The Application Of Driver’s License California.
  4. Select The Language To Use For The DMV Application Online
  5. Choose ID or Driver’s License Option And Agree To The Terms.
  6. Sign In With DMV California Account.
  7. Log In With CA DMV Account To Get A Driving License In California
  8. Enter Your True Full Name And Date Of Birth.
  9. Select The Correct Option From The List To Get Driver’s License California.
  10. Select The Correct Vehicle.
  11. Enter Your Correct Address, Email, Sex, Eye Color, Hair Color, Height, And Weight.
  12. Enter Your Social Security Number In The DMV Application Online.
  13. Choose Correct Options That Suits You.
  14. Review Your Whole Application DMV California.
  15. Book Appointments For Driving Test.

Now just let’s talk about these steps thoroughly!

1. Visit dmv.ca.gov Website and Click On Driver’s License/ID Card Button.

Open your browser, type California DMV. and open the first website you will see in the search result.

How To Get Driving License In California: The DMV Website

Once you open the site, you will see the main menu containing several options. From this menu, click on the Drivers’ License And ID Card option.

And from all of these options, click on the box that you will see on the very right of your screen.

How To Get Driving License In California: Click On The ID Card

2. Start The DMV Application And Select The Language To Use

Now, you can see a button saying “START APPLICATION”. Click on that button. This is the section where you can apply for a driving license online application in California.

How To Get Driving License In California: Start Application

As it says, you must select a language which you are comfortable with. There are many languages available.

3. Choose ID or Driver’s License Option And Agree To The Terms.

Now on the next window, you see it will ask you to select an option between a normal driving license and a commercial driving license.

How To Get Driving License In California: Agree To Terms

In this article we are talking about the regular driving license, so simply click on the Driving License option.

Then, after this, you must agree to the terms by ticking the small box at the bottom left. You can of course read all these terms. Finally, Click On The NEXT Button.

4. Create An Account And Then Log In With CA DMV Account.

Now the site will request that you sign in to the system. in the event that you are a new candidate, you need to sign In for getting a driving permit in California.

To do that you should create an account by giving a portion of your details, for example, your Name, Email, Phone Number ETC.

Sign In For DMV Real ID Application

Don’t worry, They will not steal your Data : )

Once you create an account or if you have it already, you must log in to the system. simply click on the LOGIN button.

5. Enter Your Name And DOB, Then Select The Correct Option From The List.

Now, you must enter your full name and your DATE OF BIRTH. I know it seems a bit lengthy process. But you have to follow it!

How To Get Driving License In California: Application

Don’t do any mistakes here.

If you are applying for the first time to get a driving license, click on the GET A CARD FOR THE FIRST TIME button.

On the next window, you must click on the Driving License Option.

6. Select The Correct Vehicle

You must click the vehicle that you need a license for. For example, if you need a license for a bike, select the bike option. and if you need to car license you will select the car option.

DMV Real ID Application Vehicle Selection

As simple as that : )

7. Enter Your Address, Email, Sex, Eye Color, Hair Color, Height, And Weight

Next, the DMV site will tell you to select some options. So you need to do so.

Firstly enter your proper address, then provide a proper email. Okay? Now, select your SEX, EYE COLOR, AND HAIR COLOR, HEIGHT, AND WEIGHT, And Click On the NEXT button.

8. Enter Your Social Security Number.

If you don’t have a social security number, you can select the NO option. And if you have your social security number, you must enter the number in the box without doing any mistakes.

How To Get Driving License In California: Social Security Number

9. Select Your Medical Conditions and Other.

Now, the website will ask you further questions such as,

  1. How are your Medical Conditions?
  2. Have you ever had a driver’s license or an ID Card?
  3. Have you ever applied for a driving license in the USA with a different name?
  4. Has your driving license been suspended or revoked before?
  5. Have you ever served in military service?
  6. Do you want to be an ORGAN DONOR?
  7. Or Want to donate some amount as a voluntary contribution?

So you have to answer all these questions, carefully!

10. Review Your Whole Application Carefully

After this, you should review all the details that you filled in your application. If you feel something has gone wrong, you can edit that part very easily.

Review Drivers License Application California

11. Get Your Confirmation Code To Get An Appointment.

Once you review your application, you will see this window on your screen. You will get a unique generated number called Confirmation Code.

This number will be required when you get your appointment for the driving test at the DMV center.


The DMV employee will ask you about this code.

12. Book Appointments For Driving Test.

This is the last stage of this DMV application. You have to book an appointment for the physical driving permit test.

To do that, simply click on the Book Appointment, and select a date that is suitable for you. select your nearest DMV center, and select the time.

Finally confirms all the details and download your appointment receipt.


And all done.

How To Get Your Permit In California?

Once you finish all these steps, you will have completed the online process for a driver license in California.

Now, one more thing!

On the appointment date, you must be on time at the DMV center. they will conduct both computerized as well as physical driving tests for you.

If you pass both tests, you will get your learner’s driving license on the same day. And after a few days, you will receive your permanent driving license at your MAILBOX.

I hope you understood the process well of submitting the driving license online application in the USA.

FAQ | Driver License In California

1. How many days it will take to deliver my Driver’s License to my Mailbox?

Ans: It will take 10-15 business days maximum. In rare cases, you may have to wait for more than 15 days.

2. Do I need to carry my own vehicle to the Driver Permit Test?

Ans: If you have your own vehicle! you can take it to your driver’s permit test.

2. If I don’t know how to drive a vehicle, can I still apply for a driver’s permit in California?

Ans: It will be useless to apply to get a driving license without having a piece of knowledge about driving. You will be wasting your time and money on this.

3. What if I fail the driving license test at DMV?

Ans: Not to worry! You can still reapply for the License. But this time you must prepare more for the test.

Final Words About Real ID California


Well, I told you everything I know about California Driver’s Permit. I told you about both the online and offline processes.

In this article, we specifically talked about driver’s licenses. If you want to know about the learning license, you can read my other articles.

We talked about the criteria and the full process of the driver’s license in California.

If you feel that there is something more that I should include in this article, please comment down below this article. I would love to include your thoughts in this article.

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