Driver Safety Checklist: Pass The Driving Skills Test in USA 2022

Driver Safety Checklist

Hey, do you like driving? Oh, you love driving? Then this article is the most suitable thing for you today. TRUST ME!

Why am I saying that?

It’s because you deserve a better understanding of Driving Safely on the roads of America.

Do you know? There are millions of drivers kicking the bucket every year in road accidents. Be it a car driver, a bike driver, or a truck driver.

People are putting their lives at risk due to a lack of proper information about driver safety and the transport system every year.

I am not trying to scare you, but this is the TRUTH!

This is happening because most people in America are not interested in knowing road safety.

Now, what’s the solution for it?

The solution is very simple. Just have a piece of correct information about road driving safety, and save yourself from being in a hazardous situation.

This is why I brought this article for you!


In this article, I am going to give you a Vehicle Driver Safety Checklist, which is going to help you in every situation lifelong.

Also, if you are trying to Get a Driving License in the United States of America, you should definitely read this article.

Becauormation is going to help you to pass your Driving Skills Test at the DMV center.

YES! do not skip even a word, but read the complete article.

After completing this Driving Safety Checklist, you will no longer have any doubts related to your driving license, or driving skills test. That’s my promise!

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Driver Safety Checklist To Pass Driving Skills Test

What is a Driver Safety Checklist?

This checklist is something that every driver should have if he or she is going to take a Driving Skills Test in order to get a new driver’s license in America.

This checklist allows everyone to have knowledge about the following topics.

  • Driving License
  • Road Traffic
  • Traffic Lights
  • Driving Rules
  • Driving Vehicles
  • Documents
  • Insurance Papers
  • Driving Skills Test
  • DMV centers
  • And Many Other…

You must understand that all the points that are mentioned below should be followed in order to pass your driving permit test at DMV.

Here we go!

1. Before starting the vehicle: Driver Safety Checklist

Do you know that the DMV examiner closely observes your actions before starting the vehicle for testing?

It is important to know what you should do before starting the vehicle. Here are some points.

Before starting the vehicle–DOs

A) Always Wear a HELMET:

If you are taking your driving skills test for a bike or moped, you should always wear a helmet. This shows that you are a very responsible person.

B) Fasten your SEATBELT:

Before starting the vehicle, the most important thing to do is to wear your Seat Belt. The DMV officer will take this as a good sign, and consider you a well-informed person.

C) Adjust The Mirrors:

This will help you understand both sides of the road as well as the road behind your vehicle.

D) Adjust your Seat:

Comfort is very important. When you drive a vehicle, if you are not comfortable sitting, then you may be more likely to make a mistake while taking the driving test.

E) Check Position Of Vehicle Controls:

You should check the location of GEARS, BRAKE, CLUTCH, ACCRELATOR, TURN SIGNALS, LIGHTS, and STEERING before starting the driving skills test.

Before starting the vehicle–DON’Ts

A) Do not use your phone:

This is very obvious! But some people fail to follow this point. DMV Examiner is definitely going to give you a negative remark if you were found using your phone during the test.

B) Do not get scared:

Do not show the DMV examiner that you are scared! There is nothing to be scared of in the driver skills test. Just keep this in mind, and proceed further.

C) Do not argue with the DMV officer:

Sometimes, when the DMV examiner tries to explain something important to the candidate, the candidate takes it personally and argues with him. And in a result, he fails the test.

There are countless mistakes, but it will be so boring to talk about them all. So let’s move further.


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2. After starting the vehicle: Driver Safety Checklist

Now, once you check the vehicle controls, and follow all the points mentioned above, you can now start the vehicle.

Now check the following points of this vehicle driver safety checklist.

After starting the vehicle– DOs

A) Check Neutral/Parking Mode:

Now, that you are taking your driving permit test, you must check your vehicle’s parking or neutral mode. by checking it, you will get to know what to do with the gears.

B) Start the vehicle effortlessly:

Yes! this is also important! The examiner observes you when you start the vehicle. It will show how you treat a vehicle while driving. So always start your vehicle smoothly.

C) Keep your foot on the Brake Pedal:

Now, as you start the vehicle to move, your one foot should always be on the Brake Pedal. it will help you to react fast to prevent a hazard.

D) Look in the mirrors:

While driving, always look in the SIDE MIRRORS as well as the READ VIEW MIRROR. while giving you the instructions, the driving inspector will study your eyes. and if you are found neglecting the mirrors, you will fail the exam.

E) Listen to the DMV inspector:

The DMV inspector will give you instructions while driving. You must not disobey his command. Otherwise, he won’t reconsider your driving license test before failing you.

After starting the vehicle– DON’Ts

A) Do not move immediately:

When you start the vehicle, do not try to move your vehicle immediately. First, get an instruction from the examiner, and then proceed slowly. The examiner will like this gesture.

B) Do not ask for everything:

Some people while driving, ask everything to the examiner. Like, should I move the vehicle? should I stop the vehicle? should I fasten the speed? etc. The examiner won’t gonna like this.

3. While driving the vehicle: Driver Safety Checklist

Once you start your vehicle, you will have to move your vehicle slowly and steadily. Let me tell you something more about it.

Please follow these points.

While driving the vehicle– DOs

A) Drive steadily:

When you will drive your vehicle, always try to be confident. Because that is what you want to pass your driving license skill test. Try to keep your vehicle steady.

B) Drive in the correct lane:

Driving in the correct lane is the most important thing. Check the road conditions, and then move to your lane slowly. And always remember to keep your eyes on the traffic.

C) Control your speed:

Always maintain your vehicle’s speed. This will make a positive impact on the DMV Examiner. He is definitely going to check your speedo meter. so keep this in mind.

D) Shift Gears Skillfully:

When you will shift the gear, the examiner will look at your confidence. So don’t be scared and show him your real skills in the driving permit skill test.

While driving the vehicle– DON’Ts

A) Do not hold the steering vertically:

Yes, this is also a very bad sign. Holding your steering wheel vertically shows that you are an immature driver. So always hold your steering horizontally with both hands.

B) Do not speed up your vehicle:

Actually, it happens! some people, out of fear, accelerate more to finish the driving skill test quickly. But this is not a good idea. The examiner is not going to like this.

C) Do not hesitate:

Talking about driving, some drivers always hesitate to take decisions. but if it is necessary to change the lanes, stop the vehicle, or turn the vehicle, you should do it without having the consent of the examiner.

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4. Turning the vehicle: Driver Safety Checklist

When you turn your vehicle, there are multiple things that you should remember all the Dos and Don’ts. Let me share a few of them.

Turning the vehicle– DOs

A) Give Turn Signals:

Before you turn the right or left, do not ever forget to give the dedicated turn signal or an Indicator. You know it is very crucial for driving safely.

B) Show hand signals:

Showing hand signals to your fellow drivers shows how much serious you are about passing your driving skills test, and getting a new driving license. So always show hand signals.

C) Turn in the Correct Lane:

Sometimes, due to insufficient knowledge about the ROAD LANES, some drivers invade the wrong lanes. This will not be acceptable in the driving skills test. So check the lanes always.

D) Know the other driver’s intentions:

While driving your vehicle, you should always look for what other drivers are doing. Because it gives you an idea of what you must do on the road.

If someone wants to turn right, he will give you the signal. You must adjust your speed according to his speed.

Turning the vehicle– DON’Ts

A) Do not turn the vehicle too fast:

When we are excited, we try to finish things a little faster. But do not try to do it during your driving permit exam.

While turning your vehicle, always keep your speed on low, and then carefully turn.

B) Do not turn in the wrong lane:

Always keep your eyes open in your lane. Because when we take a turn, it’s a bit tricky to stay in line. But you must be paralleled with your lane only. Do not change the lane unless it is necessary.

5. Stopping the vehicle: Driver Safety Checklist

Now, while driving, the examiner will tell you to stop your vehicle at a specific place. It can be a signal, or it can be in traffic.

So, when you stop your vehicle, you must follow some points. This section will tell you what should you do, and what should you not while stopping your vehicle.

Stopping the vehicle–DOs

A) Check traffic behind:

Before pressing the brake pedal, you should always look at the back through the Read-View Mirror. Because when you immediately stop your vehicle, it can cause a hazardous accident.

B) Check traffic signals:

Now, when you drive your vehicle, you should always look at the traffic signals.

When you see the RED signal, you must stop your vehicle even if the driving examiner does not prompt you to stop.

C) Always stop behind the crosswalk or the limit line:

When you stop your vehicle, the examiner verifies where you have stopped your vehicle. If you will have crossed the limit line, he will consider it a bad driving skill.

D) Do not underestimate the other drivers:

Actually, you will not find the fully perfect driver on any road in the world. There will surely be someone who likes to be savage on the road.

Deal properly with these types of drivers, and act wisely with them. Especially, in front of the Examiner.

Stopping the vehicle– DON’Ts

A) Do not ignore the Blind Spot:

When you ignore the blind spot on the road, you increase the chances of being in a massive accident. Yes, it happens!

So always, be aware! and do not ignore the BLIND SPOT.

B) Do not stop your vehicle in the way:

Always remember that you should not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road. It will cause an inconvenience to the other drivers.

If you want to stop the vehicle, you should take your vehicle to the side of the road or highway, and then stop.

Driving Safely in America: DMV Driving Test Checklist


Now let me move to the section where we break this topic into pieces, then try to understand it more comprehensively.

What are the 7 keys to safe driving?

  1. The safe side is a wise side. So be safe, and always wear your Helmet, and fasten the Safety Belt.
  2. All drivers are not intelligent like you. So do not underestimate the other drivers, some of them are wise like you, but some of them can be on the freakier side.
  3. Always obey the Traffic Rules, Traffic Signals, And Traffic Lanes. It will always help you to drive safely in America.
  4. Being aware on the road may save your life as well as others. So always be aware on the roads, and keep a safe distance from the other vehicles.
  5. People are in hurry, but you should not hurry on the roads. Otherwise, this ride can be your last ride.
  6. Maintaining your speed low, you allow yourself to be out of danger, ALWAYS! So don’t rush, and try to break the lanes.
  7. Having the correct documents can save you money! So always carry your proper documents with you while driving such as your Driving License, Registration copy, Insurance, etc.

If you always want to do safe driving, you must follow the above rules. I said YOU MUST!

FAQs for Driving Safety Checklist


1. What is the most important part of safe driving?

Ans: I would say, a sense of responsibility! By being responsible you allow yourself to be safe and try to keep others safe.

2. What if I Disobey the demand of the DMV examiner while taking a driving skills test?

Ans: The examiner will mark down your driving license application, and you cannot pass your driving test.

3. Should I always stop at traffic signals?

Ans: No! whenever the traffic signs show you the RED LIGHT, then only you should stop at the traffic signal. Or If any traffic officer tells you to stop, you should stop your vehicle.

Final Words For Driver Safety Checklist


In this article, I tried to share everything that I know and research about the driving skills test.

We also discussed all the related points that should be known by every driver on the road.

If you feel I missed, or I should have added some more points in this article, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

And if you have any questions, or suggestions related to this topic, please connect with me on my social handles, or you can contact me.

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